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Are you looking online for skincare products for eczema? Sucremor's sugaring online skincare products for treating eczema in children is the one for you. An infants' skin is different from adults, in the sense that its outer layer called the "epidermis" is thinner in infants (about 20-30%) which means that infants skin is more fragile/sensitive to infection/irritation. The outermost layer called the stratum corneum (made of layers of flattened cells) is also thinner as compared to adult's skin making it more susceptible to environmental pathogens, infections, and eczema.

Despite the usual soft skin of infants that we love which is actually due to more water content (about 75% vs 65% among adults), infants do also have higher PH level in their skin and they lose 5% more moisture than adults that is why mums and fathers need to ensure a proper skincare routine and use of right products to ensure that their baby's skin remains supple. Below we share with you the excellent benefits of sugaring to treat eczema which one of the most common skin problem among infants and children.


What is Eczema

There is no easy test for diagnosing eczema condition especially for children and most dermatologists would depend on its symptoms/appearances/length of the skin disorder. Eczema is a long term skin condition especially if is left unattended for long.  In eczema condition, the skin becomes itchy, red, dry and cracked and it can affect any part of the body. Most people don't know that there is no definitive cure for eczema whether it is in children or an adult yet managing the skin condition is the best way to go ahead dealing with eczema.

Eczema causes are not fully discovered yet; however the usual cause is the skin’s (dermis) overactive response to an irritant (by the immune system of the body). When it comes to treating eczema in children, it is best to create a better skin barrier that allows moisture retention in skin and keeps dryness away. More often in infants/children, their skin lose more moisture due to sweating/thinner outer layer/environmental conditions/too much bathing that the natural skin barrier gets adversely affected. We brings you our patented waterless Sugaring Massage Pack made of food-graded ingredients and oils for treatment of baby eczema skin.


Built by a Mother herself (on a pursuit/mission to cure her daughter's eczema condition), the best Skincare Products Online & Treatment for Baby Eczema

The first fan of Sucremor products was not any other person but the very owner of the Sucremor Company. Mari Noboritate accidently found the amazing benefits of using sugar as exfoliating dead skin cells, preserving moisture of the skin and keeping dryness away that causes inflammation and irritation.

Once she saw significant improvement in her daughter's eczema condition and later disappearance of the condition over a small period of time that now that it was Mari Noboritate's chance to bring the super benefits of sugaring to the rest of the world too. Sugaring process involves the process of taking a small amount of Sucremor sugar on palm, add some water and very gently rub on clean skin/non dirty or apply as mask. Eczema is difficult to live with forever and it was in everyone's best interest to bring the right solutions which can be trusted for quality ingredients and positive results.  So the search for best sugars began and finally ended with Beet sugar.

Beets are very healthy and so its sugar is also very healthy on the skin. Moreover at Sucremor, we uses only GMO free beet sugars grown only in the cold regions of Hokkaido (Japan), refined to fine sugar grain that are perfectly gentle on infants skin/toddlers/mum/fathers too. Beet sugar has many natural properties that supports healthy skin like having moisture retaining properties, improves skin moisture, has anti-bacterial properties and maintains healthy sebum balance (neither oily or dry). Try out Sucremor's Online Skincare products for Eczema today and help your baby/kids skin become healthy, soft again and see your child become a happy kid anew!