Let's Understand Allergic Eczema Better for Baby Eczema Skin Treatment

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"The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding" - Albert Camus's quote on understanding holds true about dermatitis too. We require right understanding of the things that make our lives daunting and know the whys behind the skin conditions that immensely affects us both physically and psychologically.

Allergic eczema is one such a skin condition that is often beyond one's ken and because of this, people find it difficult to comprehend their condition properly. We at Sucremor, the makers of natural online skincare products for eczema are here to clear the air once and for all so that you are better at managing your baby eczema skin treatment and even that of adults as well.


What is an Allergic Reaction

A body's allergic reaction is an abnormal response towards a completely normal foreign substance. The body reacts abnormally due to weak gut/leaky gut and lack/imbalance of millions of good microbes/bacteria.

Wondering what a leaky gut really means and how does one develop it? Our gut or the intestines have about tens of trillions of microorganisms where one third of its micro biota is common to most people, while two thirds of same are specific to each one of us.

A weak gut has less of good bacteria and more of bad bacteria. This causes the lining of the intestines to become weak. Due of a leaky gut, foreign bacteria enters the blood leading to an abnormal immune response causing people to develop eczema which can either be mild/moderate/severe, skin rash, and many other reactions/chronic conditions that can be prevented otherwise. In treating baby skin eczema, it is very important to develop a good personal regime that includes skin care and proper diet.


What to Do Instead

 We recommend you to become more aware about your environment, about the needs of your skin, and to start selectively eating natural diverse food that is rich in fiber. Our bodies’ function best at normal temperatures so try to work around too cold/dry/humid places and make yourself comfortable. Drink enough water and keep your skin or your babies’ skin moisturized with natural skin care products like our range at Sucremor.

You ask why natural skin care products? Well because they don’t have harmful chemicals/ingredients in them and they are zero dangers of using natural products. Also avoid irritants that increase itchy eczema condition/flare ups like unwholesome food, smoking, synthetic colors, lack of sleep and stress among few. Try to maintain proper hygiene and only use best natural skin care eczema treatment products .We are sure that with these measures, one can manage their eczema condition successfully for long term.