Skincare for Pigmentation and Baby Eczema Skin Treatment

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Who would disagree with the fact that mothers know what is best for the child yet sometimes mums can be a bit confused between various options or simply misinformed about certain situations.

Also sometimes we believe something without verifying it or understanding it scientifically and logically. This can cause a lot of trouble to infants/toddlers and can worsen their condition instead. That is why we at Sucremor, the online store for skincare products for pigmentation and baby eczema skin treatment are here to provide you exact knowledge around baby skincare myths so that you are better off being the best person for knowing what is ideal for your infants and little ones.


Oil massage is must/good for all infants

Now oil massage is not always a good choice to keep infants skin healthy and soft. Some infants don’t have dry skin and rather they have oily skin, and excessive use of oil can lead to acne. Some folks think that an oil massage is the best way to remove baby’s unwanted fine hair. Baby skin is usually sensitive and it can react negatively to simple common daily used products too like best oils/gram flour/milk.  Mums need to pay keen attention to the baby skin and then decide what is best for them. In case of assistance consult a good dermatologist or family child doctor.


Bathing with just water or bathing with soaps everyday

Some folks think that babies don’t need much cleaning up since they don’t move a lot or go out. Yet the truth is that they do need enough cleaning up and preferably with tested products with natural ingredients. Babies do built dirt on their hands, feet, knees, arm pits, face, hair, scalp and nether regions.

It is best to clean up the baby with lukewarm water if it is cold outside or tap water if the temperature is normal and then use some very mild baby soap as well once/twice a week. You can use our best Sugaring Massage Pack daily for either as a mask, for massaging it on baby’s skin gently or scrubbing baby’s feet with it. Our beet sugaring is known to improve baby eczema, baby skin pigmentation and helps skin to get better with its daily or alternate usage as per your liking. Beet sugaring helps to remove dead cells; provides moisture to the skin and helps to fight back infections/irritation.


Use of powder for baby rash/nappy rash

Baby rash is very common among infants since it is usually caused by too much moisture on the baby skin. It is best to change the nappy as and when required and gently pat dry it always. If you feel that the skin is dry, moisturize it with good natural baby lotion. Daily mothers can use Sucremor’s beet sugaring process to massage the baby skin till the sugar dissolves (also a great way to bond with the kid and have some fun too) and the baby gets the benefit from the natural beet sugars. Using powder is not recommended for baby rash.


Something is not right about baby’s skin

If you are doing everything right and the baby’s skin is dry/inflamed/itchy or has any other symptoms, it is best to see the fabrics of the clothes, detergent quality/type, and water quality (if they are over 4 months) and other allergy factors. Sometimes the problems are other irritants that we don’t usually term them as irritants. We hope that with this myths busting, mothers are well informed how to take care of their infants skin and keep it healthy, soft and shiny. Our beet sugaring products online makes for perfect skincare and treatment for skin eczema and baby skin pigmentation.