Peta Approved Cruelty Free Skincare

Do you know your favorite skincare products that you use daily are manufactured? Before any cosmetic or skincare product with new ingredients reaches the market, it has to be tested safe for human use. There are over 7,000 ingredients that skincare and cosmetics companies can choose from without the need to test any ingredients yet many companies wish to use new products/solutions so they have to go for testing.

For testing purposes many companies still go for animal testing and there are over 115 million animals that are used for animal testing purposes. Thousands of bunnies, cats, dogs, rats, monkeys, and so many docile animals are killed/abused because of this. Animal testing causes death, chronic stress, and severe cruelty to speechless laboratory animals. Below we share with you 3 reasons to stop buying from brands/companies that are not cruelty free and vegan because in the end it matters a lot who were harmed and how they were harmed during the making of a product that we use and what toxin ingredients are included in the product.


Animals are Beings Too

There are valid alternative ways to test skincare product’s ingredients for human safety.  They can use vitro testing, cultured cell tissues and computer models. But these companies still choose to go for animal testing.

They are kept in small cages; they are not feed well, and handled improperly. The moment consumer decides to stop using such products, brands would have to change their ways too. There are better companies which take every step to ensure that only the most natural, safest, vegan and cruelty-free product reaches its customers. Look for right logos that show that they are cruelty free.

Vegan products don’t use any by-product of animals such as gelatin (it is the boiled skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals) and Tallow (made by boiling the carcasses of slaughtered animals until a fatty substance is produced, ready to add to cosmetics Animals are also beings too, they also have a soul and they also feel. It is not right to harm animals for one’s own sake. At Sucremor, we have our complete range of skincare products for adults and infants/young as cruelty-free and vegan. We also have many special promotions going on our website so that you get the best benefit always


These Products are Healthy for One’s Health

By-products of animals are dangerous to the environment and human health. There are many toxins that enter our human today or ocean due to animal testing and non-vegan products. It is time that we take a stand and change this one person at a time. 

At Sucremor, our complete range of skincare products for adults and kids is cruelty free and vegan. We have taken all the measures to ensure least damage to the ecosystem with our products and we are dedicated to providing only the best quality sugaring skincare products online for eczema, skin pigmentation in babies, and daily moisturizing lotion, cleansing soup with beet sugar, and cleansing lotion and many other high quality products. Buy your Sucremor product today from our website.