The Top 5 Most Common Skin Problems among Children


Skin is the largest organ of the body and it is still the largest organ in children too. We may for a minute want to think that skin doesn’t have any function but it is skin that helps our body to interact with our environment, fellow humans, and experience cold/warm/heat sensations.

Not just this, the skin helps in protecting infants & adults from pathogens, infectious diseases, helps in maintaining body temperature and helps in retaining the moisture as well so that other inner functions of the body could be performed well. So the ‘skin’ plays many roles in our health. We at Sucremor, the company making online Skincare products for Pigmentation and eczema are here to share with you 5 most common infants’ skin conditions that you must know in case you are parents of infants or well-wishers of kids and toddlers.


Baby Acne

Baby acne is a very common to occurance if your baby’s skin is oily and not cleaned properly.  It is best to wash it gently and then use a good moisturizer.


Baby Eczema

This occurs when the baby has a reaction against irritant or foreign particles. It would itch; get red and flaky at times. It would spread to other areas and increase in its size. The best way to improve baby eczema is to use Sucremor’s skincare products online that have the best beet sugar nutrients that help the infant’s skin to revive and get better. The sugaring process daily would miraculously improve the eczema in infants, toddlers and adults alike. 


Baby Skin Pigmentation

The skin is changing the moment the baby is born (and in the womb too) and it keeps changing throughout the life span of a person. Skin pigmentation can happen due to birth stress/bruises, it can be a condition called vitiligo causing white patches and with proper nutrients it can go away after few months too.  Skin pigmentation condition can be improved with Sucremor skincare products and ensuring that the skin gets the right moisture, nutrients from the beet sugars and gentle touch of a parent to help increase blood circulation and overtime re-growth of skin color.


Baby Rash

Baby rash usually happens on the babies bum due to excessive moisture. If the skin is not kept clean then it can also be an infection either bacterial or fungal. To avoid the occurrence, it is best to keep babies bottom pat dry, change the nappy frequently as required and moisturize it to avoid dryness.



Hives can occur both in children and adults. There are red raised rash followed by itchy feeling. Usually it is an immune reaction to fight back foreign particles or an allergic reaction. If there are only a few small spots, it can go away on its own. However if there are many big spots, it is important to take medication to control it right away as it can be quite discomforting for anyone and sometimes life threatening.

There are some benign baby skin conditions like Acrocyanosis where the hands and feet look blue since proper oxygen doesn’t reach their feet/hands (when they are just born). This usually improves after 48 hours. Skin mottling appears on the baby skin, when child is cold and in this case bring/hold the baby close and help them get warmer. Other ringworm and fungal

infection require medication to fight the pathogens and once the condition is normal it is best to follow a good sugaring regime daily to clean/nourish infants’ skin. Use Sucremor’s online skincare products for pigmentation, baby eczema, and eczema treatment for animals.