Sugar is said to have made its first arrival in Japan in the Nara era (710-794 AD). At that time, it was highly valued as a medicine rather than as a sweetener. In addition to its preservative and anti-bacterial properties, sugar also promotes cell regeneration, which is why it has traditionally been used to treat and heal bruises and cuts. In fact, it is still used today as the main ingredient in some bedsore creams.

In cooking, sugar is commonly used to soften certain foods — for example, it is well known that boiling dried beans with sugar makes them soft and plump. The Japanese call this technique “the law of cooking beans”, and sugar can do the same for your skin! Sugar has exceptional moisturizing properties: it can soften dead skin cells, stimulating the skin’ metabolism while reinforcing its barrier function. This miracle skin care ingredient provides immediate relief for dryness, which is said to be at the root of a whole host of skin problems.


The New and Unique Skin Care Line Developed from Sugar


Sucremor’s composition is 80% Hokkaido non-GMO beet sugar and 20% edible oils such as coconut oil and safflower oil. Each of our sugar grains is coated with natural oils through a special patented process. In addition, every sugar grain is made to measure less than 0.25mm. Because of our unique process, our sugar grains feel velvety soft on your skin! The very fi􀀁rst time you use Sucremor you will notice the difference in your skin’s health. The sugar beet base creates a balance with the natural oils of your skin to capture and hold moisture.

Sucremor is gentle for everyday use. Sucremor is free of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colors. Since all of Sucremor’s ingredients are natural and food-grade, Sucremor is harmless if accidentally ingested and is completely safe for babies and children. Perfect for acne, sensitive skin and eczema patients.